1. Shampoo and condition your hair every 1-2 weeks. Weave is not invincible. Just like your natural hair, it gets dirty and needs to be washed frequently. Your hair will be noticibly more bouncy and easier to maintain if it is clean. 

  2. Do not handle your hair vigorously when washing it. Always gently run your fingers through the hair. Scrubbing caused tangling, and is not necessary. 

  3. If you chemically process your hair extensions (EX: color, lift, perm, ect.), please keep in mind that your hair will need a little extra love and care. Chemicals dry the hair out, and can potentially damage the hair. If you process your hair, you will need to deep condition it weekly. *Also make note that processing the hair in any manner voids all exchange or return guarantees. 

  4. In order to preserve your hair, please make certain to wrap, or put a bonnet over your hair when you go to sleep at night. We recommend silk bonnets, or silk scarfs to cover your hair. 

  5. Use any styling products sparingly to maintain natural body and movement of your hair extensions. 

  1. ​​​We recommend washing and conditioning your hair upon receiving it. Although the hair is conditioned and closely inspected before it is shipped to customers, for the most desirable hair extension experience it is always necessary to begin an install with freshly washed hair. 

  2. Please allow the hair to air dry after washing it. Yes, our hair is 100% virgin hair, and can pretty much be manipulated in any manner that you choose, but keep in mind that just like your natural hair, your extensions are susceptible to heat damage. Minimal heat will prolong the life of your hair. 

  3. Seal your wefts. We recommend sealing your wefts to make for little to no shedding.